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Fatbergs, Wastage and Pollution

Hi, I read an article the other day about wet wipes contributing something like 90% to fatberg build up (which is crazy). To be honest I never realised some were being marketed as flushable and would View more...

Posted by: Thames Trooper • in Thames Water Hub • last updated
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Four minute showers

I can't remember where but i saw Thames Water and other water companies suggest having a four minute shower and we've actually implemented that at home. It's great if it saves money but we've done it View more...

Posted by: Thames Trooper • in Thames Water Hub • last updated


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Keep a look out for this logo!

I've got some great news! Check out this new official logo to identify wet wipes that can be flushed down the toilet. The “Fine to Flush” logo will appear on products that have passed rigorous View more...

Posted by: Thames Water Employee • in Thames Water Hub • last updated


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