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A recap of TeenTech Surrey

Thames Water Employee

TeenTech SurreyTeenTech Surrey

Three of the Education team delivered a day of interactive workshops with students aged 13 and 14 at TeenTech Surrey last month, an event that seeks to inspire young people about careers in Science and Technology.


TeenTech is the brainchild of Maggie Philbin of Tomorrow’s World fame (those under 40 reading this will say ‘who?’ but she is an icon of the early 1980’s for me!) whose aim is to get young people to ‘dream big’ and consider what they would like to see the in the future of tech. What ideas can change the world we live in for the better?


Thames Water, one of a number of businesses present on the day, was part of the Challenge Zone activity session, where we discussed the importance of water and innovating to ensure we face the challenges we need to address as a business. Then, in teams, the students had to work together to put together a water network, using our award winning Network Challenge – on a very tight time schedule.


It’s always interesting, fun and sometimes also funny working with young people; it’s why we love our jobs so much! But I think we sent them away thinking about how we can all use water more wisely and remembering how lucky we are to have our water ‘on tap’


If you're a parent, educator or just interested in learning more about our education programme, drop us a line here on the community! We're always happy to help answer any questions! Smiley Happy

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Thames Trooper


I'm a tech teacher at a lyceum. My students applied for TeenTech Innovation Days at Home.

The upcoming events and dates:

  1. Wednesday 5th August, 10:00 am – Space
  2. Week of 10th August – Animation Workshop Week
  3. Week of 17th August – Coding Workshop Week

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