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Beckton Sewage Treatment Works

Thames Water Employee

To meet the needs of London’s growing population, we’re planning to upgrade Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in Jenkins Lane, London, IG11 0AD.


Beckton STW aerialBeckton STW aerial



What’s the plan?


We’re proposing to…

  1. Upgrade our inlet works to help remove more solids, grit and other debris from wastewater
  2. Extend our Activated Sludge Plant (ASP)4 so that we can process more sludge and provide additional sludge plant capacity
  3. Construct new blower house for ASP3 to promote more air for the treatment process
  4. Install pumping stations to pump out more clean water during periods of high tideBeckton STW proposed upgradesBeckton STW proposed upgrades


Why are we investing in Beckton Sewage Treatment Works?


Every day, we take away 4.4 billion litres of wastewater from 15 million people – enough to fill Wembley Stadium four times. As our population grows, we want to make sure that all of our wastewater treatment sites are equipped to meet demand.


We’re planning to increase the treatment capacity of Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, specifically the activated sludge process and the final settlement tanks so that we can process more wastewater in the future. We’ll also be investing in new equipment to upgrade our inlet works, which are what help us to remove solids, grit and other debris from your wastewater. Our proposed work will take place entirely within existing site boundaries from spring 2020.








We’d like your feedback


We’d like to hear from you about our plans to upgrade Beckton STW. There are several ways to get in touch:


  1. Speak to our team at one of our drop-ins, which we’ll be hosting in the Beckton area throughout April and May 2019
  2. Call 0800 316 9800, quoting reference number BB972252.  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Email
  4. Leave a comment on this page - below
Thames Trooper

Dear Thames Water,


Thank you for consulting with us.


I am against the proposed plan as it impacts my family's health, life style and worsens the living conditions in the area. 


I moved to Beckton in Decemer 2013 and live at the end of Winsor Terrace, closer to the plant. So far the biggest highlight of this area is the strong and unpleasant odour from sewage treatment. The bad odour covers a large territory, including two shopping centres(Gallions Reach and Triangle Park), the entire neighbourhoud (north of Beckton DLR staiton) and all the recreation grounds in the area. The problem gets worse during warm weathers, to the extent one can't stay inside the house. Even timing the sewage treatment during nights and mornings doesn't improve the conditions, as we have to all breathe the contaminated air.

It's not uncommon sight to see shop doors closed during summers, because of this issue. I personally know a number of my neighbours who resists to shop in the area due to the same problem.


This means we can't live in the house, can't use the public spaces and can't shop in the area and could potentially develop health problems linked to the constant air contamination. Although I am at work during the day, my wife and my newborn child spend most of their time at home. They alongside many others are the most vulnerable and at risk. 

Bad odour is reported on many forums relating to Beckton and directly impacts the house prices. A house with similar features and amenities has a higher value. This obviously has an economic impact for those who live in the area.

Additionally, surveyor reports from houses sold in the area show that the soil is turning soft increasing the risk of subsidence in the area. Increasing the plant capacity is likely to increase this geological risk, which subsequently increases the insurance premiums that are already high linked to the activity of the plant.

While I understand the works are proposed to serve the needs of the wider public, we as residents do not carry the same risks relating to our health, lifestyle and welfare.

I very much hope the above points will be taken into account and proposed plans blocked to stop the problem from getting worse for the residents.


Thames Trooper

Dear team,


I currently reside in Creekmouth and the smell from the sewage treatment plant is unbearable.


Unfortunatelly, your post has been an unpleasant surprise. After years of complaints from residents nearby, it is incredible your thinking about expanding plant (in order to be able to serve the growing society of London).  


YES, LONDON IS GROWING EVERY DAY. That's the reason why if you sought to provide a GOOD SERVICE to society. Are you saying that making  residents' lives more difficult with the smell your plant produces is a good service? Yes, you are right, for people who can afford a house elsewhere it will be a better service...


As you said before, the population grows year by year and what was once the outskirts of London, is now a residential area. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a house in City of London or Canary wharf.

I think that if  you were focused on improving the service, tyou would use the time, effords and money to reduce the smell coming from the plant since it is influencing the lives of MANY families.


In addition, it is expected that by barking riverside there will be more than 10,000 homes that do not yet exist and will be next to the plant. In my opinion, I think you are making big mistakes in determining the problem. Focus on not tormenting the residents please rather than looking for more profits in that area. 


Thames Trooper

I'd totally agree with the comments above. I've been living in Barking Riverside area for the last 7 years and sewage smell is getting worse and worse. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Instead of increasing capacity, Thames Water should think about how to mitigate the smell.... If they can't, they need to think of moving sewage facilities out of London.