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Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility at Thames Water

Thames Water Employee




It should be the right of every single person to feel accepted and welcomed, and to be able to be themselves at work, without fear of judgment or discrimination. Sadly, across the UK, more than half of LGBT+ people disguise or hide this part of themselves at work. This is simply not acceptable.


At Thames Water we’re building an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone can feel pride to work somewhere that encourages, accepts and values people as individuals. We serve a broad and diverse region in the UK, and our customers have a range of backgrounds and beliefs. Encouraging, recognising and celebrating diversity and inclusion in our workforce means we can better represent and serve our customers.


We are all unique, we are individuals and to honour who we are as people whilst also raising awareness of the challenges still being faced, we have launched our Trans and Non-Binary guidelines to coincide with Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV), and hope you enjoy this short film featuring some of our Diversity and Inclusion Champions focussed on what it means to be able to bring your whole self to work.



The Chair of Thames Water’s LGBT+ Network, Jenny Jones, said, “Our LGBT+ Network exists to support all employees and managers across Thames Water, with the key aim of inspiring everyone to live our values - in particular, to be respectful and value everyone. We’re a resource for people to learn more about LGBT+ at work and get advice on common scenarios and issues, as well as raising awareness and inspiring our colleagues, who in turn can then better serve our customers.


“I’m excited that we have these transgender and non-binary guidelines, which were created in consultation with members of our LGBT+ community. They visibly support all transgender and non-binary employees, and raise awareness and give key information to all colleagues and managers to enable them to support their teams and work better together for our customers.


“I’m also delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the short film talking about the importance of being able to bring your whole self to work. What better way to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility and truly value everyone.”


One of our Diversity and Inclusion Champions had this story to share about diversity and inclusion in action at Thames Water...


Myself and a colleague were asked by a team manager to speak with a transgender lady who’d joined their team. This lady wanted to know what support was available to her within Thames. We had an initial chat and following this I buddied up with her to keep in touch and help her settle into her job.


The thing that impressed me the most from our conversations, was that despite her anxiousness, she remained confident and true to herself. I admired her genuine and brave approach. It was also really encouraging to hear from her how accepting everyone had been towards her at the interview stage, during training, and in her new team.


I felt really proud to be part of a wider team that supported people to be their whole self and as a mental health first aider I appreciate the importance this has on wellbeing. What stood out for me at the time was “What would happen if our support network didn’t exist?” “Who would the team manager turn to?”, that’s why I’m so pleased that everyone in Thames Water will now have a set of new guidelines to help them support transgender and non-binary team members.”        

--- Mark Deller - Diversity and Inclusion Champion



If you want to work for a diverse and inclusive company who are Stonewall Diversity Champions inspiring people to respect and value everyone, check out our careers page: Smiley Happy