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Let's talk about poo

Thames Water Employee



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The Education team think we have the best jobs in the world. Why is that, I hear you cry? Well, not only do we work for Thames Water but we get to talk to young people from schools and community groups across our catchment about the brilliant business of Water and Waste.


One of the biggest ways we do this is by welcoming them to one of the 5 Education Centres in our patch. Didcot, Slough, Hogsmill, Long Reach and Maple Lodge sewage treatment works welcome hundreds of school age children each year, where they can experience the sights, sounds and smells of a working site.




The hesitant looks and wrinkled noses when they first arrive are replaced as the day goes on with excitement and delight at what they discover. Our visitors are introduced to what we do as a business, focusing on the Water Cycle and its importance. We then discuss and do an experiment on Poo Power (always a show stopper!).




The highlight of the visit is the site tour, a chance to see and understand each part of the sewage treatment process. Why are wet wipes such a problem for Thames Water? What is a Fatberg? How do we recycle your poo to make energy? Why is Water precious? All these questions and more are answered for our guests. 


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The remainder of a typical visit (aside from lunch of course..) might be focused on the topics of separation and filtration of sewage or the importance of using water wisely with some interactive quiz questions.


As they head home, the students are left to think about what they can do to be more water efficient and to live by the 3 P’s when it comes to what can and can’t go down the toilet! And best of all, they can encourage all their friends and family to do the same #pesterpower. 


As well as great and unique day out for kids, our key focus is to ensure we support teachers with their teaching of the curriculum in Science and Geography in a hands-on, fun and informative environment.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with any of us in the team or leave us a comment here!  Smiley Happy

Water Royalty

It looks like the children had a lot of fun, I've forward this blog on to a few of my friends who teach in Marlow and London. I think their students would love this! 

Water Royalty

I've done the same as MindTheGap - seems a no brainer. Good use of facilities.

BinIt Lord

Thank you @MindTheGap  and  @SachV  for passing this blog around! :Smiley Happy I'm sure our education team appericates it. 

I think thisis important part of children education and I read an article at about the school lectures about Water and Waste held in Amsterdam. There is whole department at the Amsterdam Royal Zoo called Micropia.