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Missing something from your underwear drawer?

BinIt Lord


Did you know that every day more than 15 million in London and the Thames Valley flush or drain 2.8 billion litres of used water for treatment? This is where our Sewper Heroes come in, to help keep things flowing down underneath the street and deep in our sewers.


One of our Sewper Heroes from the ads watched our 'Fatberg Autopsy - Secret of the Sewers' documentary and was actually inspired to learn more and subsequently apply for a role, “I’ve been a sewage flusher for nearly a year now, I saw the documentary on TV about the fatbergs and the people working in the sewers and it really caught my interest, so I had a look on Google to read more about the job and I saw their were vacancies, so I applied and got the job.”

Our Sewper Heroes clear out 75000 blocked sewer drains each year, you wouldn’t believe the stuff they find!

One of their pet peeves, to put it mildly is wet wipes, it’s best to bin your wet wipes and not flush them down the loo. Unlike toilet paper, they don’t dissolve. Wet wipes cause…you guessed it - FATBERGS! But that isn't all they find down there...

They say you learn something new every day, one of our Sewper Heroes pointed out the weirdest thing they ever encountered, “One of the weirdest things you might find down the sewers are the dead rats, for some reason when they die the gasses in their bodies make them inflate, so there are massive swollen dead rats floating around which is pretty nasty!”




It doesn't stop there! Missing something from your underwear drawer? Smiley Surprised

Finding items like these in our sewers certainly triggers the imagination! What do you think the story behind these undergarments could be? Comment below!



Learn more about how you can help #FightTheFatberg