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New fountains for London: Easy to spot – look for the drop

Thames Water Employee

Our new water fountainsOur new water fountainsCaring for our oceans isn’t easy. Except when it is.

Plastic pollution is a topic many of us are aware of. However, with 16 million plastic bottles ending up in our oceans and environment every single day, there’s an easy alternative to help prevent mountains of single-use plastic water bottles piling up. That’s why, together with the Mayor of London, we’re continuing to fight pointless plastic waste by building 100 water fountains across our Capital.


Our aim is to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles that are not only thrown away, but also made. The production and transport of bottled water creates 500 times more CO2 emissions than tap water.




How can you help us care for our oceans? Well, if everyone in London bought just one less bottle of water a week, we could save around 423 million plastic bottles a year. And if we all made refilling our water bottle on the go part of our daily routine – like carrying a reusable bag, imagine the difference this could make with little to no effort!


Built for the future

The most important consideration for us when building fountains has been maintaining our world-class water quality and safety. That’s why our bottle-filling fountains are kitted out with the latest technology, so they can’t be tampered with. On top of this we have a dedicated team who maintain them daily so they’re always in tip-top condition. 


Our fountains are also built to last. Created from stainless steel, they have a special coating, protecting them from the great British weather. They’re also vandal-proof so they will stand the test of time, making them as sustainable as possible. Still not convinced? Why not look for the iconic drop and try our tap water fountains yourself?


Why our tap water is good for you…

There are many benefits to using our brand-new drinking water fountains. Did you know London’s hard water is good for your health? Our tap water contains naturally occurring minerals, including magnesium and calcium. We also run half a million quality tests on our water each year, with tap water having more checks than bottled.

On average our tap water is around 500 times cheaper than bottled water – and if that wasn’t enough, our water fountains are completely FREE to use, so while you’re helping protect our planet, you can also save some cash.


Just look for the iconic drop today, enjoy the taste – and prevent plastic waste! 💧




To find out more details around the our drinking water fountains, please visit our page or the Refill site.