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Queens Drive burst main - N1 / N4 / N5 / N7 / N19

Thames Water Employee

We're working hard in your area

One of our large water mains on Queens Drive in London N4 has burst this morning. This has caused flooding to properties in the immediate area, and has also caused customers in N1, N4, N5, N7 and N19 to experience low water pressure or no water supply.


Our specialist engineers are on site in N4 and are making progress on stopping the flow and restoring supplies as quickly as possible. We’re working with the emergency services to make the flooded area safe, and we have teams on site ready to support those impacted by the flooding once we’ve done this.

Update 1.

Our specialist engineers are on site in N4, and we’re working hard to stop the flow and get water supply back to normal as quickly as possible.



Update 2.

Our specialist engineers are working on the complex task of shutting valves to stop the flow of water from our main, people in the area should now see the flow of flood water start to reduce.




Update 3.

We have over 100 people on site to help those affected and many customers are now back in supply, but may still be experiencing low pressure.


We expect to bring the remainder of customers back into supply later this afternoon. 


It can take a little bit of time for the pressure in our pipes to build back up, so if your water has been off it may splutter to begin with. Just turn on your cold kitchen tap and it should flow freely after a couple of minutes. If it’s cloudy, this should also clear fairly quickly. If you’re still struggling with no water or low pressure, here’s what to do next.




Update 4.

The flooding has now significantly reduced.


We our focusing all of our efforts on helping those affected and resuming normal supply.



Update 5.

We know how frustrating it must have been to go without water today. We’ve opened a bottled water station so that you can collect supplies.


You can find it here: outside Parkwood Primary School, Queens Drive (junction of Somerfield Road), London, N4 2HQ.


We really appreciate your patience while we continue working to fix the problem.

Update 6.

Most customers had their water supply back last night - with a few impacted by isolated issues such as air locks in the pipes. We have reopened the bottled water station outside Parkwood Primary School as a precaution:
We’ve set up a support vehicle in the area for our customers who have been impacted by flooding and have a team ready to help. It’s clearly visible from our bottled water station.
Event vehicle 1.jpg       Event vehicle 2.jpg    

Update 7.

Our team continues to work to repair the broken pipe. In the meantime, we've operated valves and rerouted water to improve the pressure ahead of this evening's high demand.


We have also added another station at Emirates Stadium, Hornsey Road, (junction of Benwell Road), N7 7AJ: 


Emirates station 1.jpg



We’re really sorry to all our customers who have been affected by this incident.


If you need an extra helping hand, find out how our Priority Services can help. We're always here to talk about your needs, whether they are medical, financial or something else.


You can also find updates on our website -



Just wanted to experess my thankfulness to the water supply team for a very professional and quick job on elimination of this problem! Please, keep posting updated news for us to be able to plan our day.



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