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Shahed Alsh knows where wet wipes belong. Do you?

BinIt Lord




I got a chance to interview one of our beauty influencers from our #FightTheFatberg campaign, the lovely Shahed Alsh. As you know, wet wipes  contribute to disgusting fatbergs. If you don’t believe me, check out what our sewper heroes found last year! 


Instead of flushing your wet wipes, just put them in the bin. Smiley Happy


A fatberg caused by wet wipes and other bits that should not be flushed down the looA fatberg caused by wet wipes and other bits that should not be flushed down the loo

Peta: What was the first thing that popped in your head when you heard of the fatberg?


Shahed: I visualised little monsters ruining our water, and questioned how much damage we were doing to our sewers/water without realising it. 


Peta: What made you want to participate in our #FightTheFatberg campaign?


Shahed: I use makeup wipes on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day as I wear makeup every day to my workplace. I never knew the consequences of flushing them down the toilet & I'm sure rarely anyone who uses makeup wipes would know the consequences. For me, showing people that they could reduce the formation of these Fatbergs just by throwing the wipes in the bin is important - because makeup wipes are a part of every makeup fanatic's routine.


Peta: Were you aware that wet wipes are a big contributor to the fatberg?


Shahed: I wasn't aware prior to the campaign. Fortunately I've never flushed makeup wipes, however I know lots of people that do - especially people with busy lifestyles, i.e full time students, workers. I felt the importance of projecting the issue to everyone - showing them that they might be doing something that's damaging our water without them even realising it. It saddened me to hear that we are causing this issue when the solution is so simple. 


Peta: What sort of reaction did you get from your followers?


Shahed: I received a lot of messages asking me what the Fatberg is. It made me realise that lots of people are simply not aware of what they are causing which is why they're not thinking before they act. I'm sure now after reading and researching about it, they're going to take more care of where they decide to discard their wipes.


Peta: I noticed in your post, you mentioned that even though you bin overflows with wet wipes, you still throw them away. Do you think that’s why some people flush them down the toilet, because they take up space in the bin?


Shahed: Yes, of course. People definitely see it as the easier option, rather than filling up their bins & having to take the bin out, especially when most people have busy lifestyles. 





Peta: Thank you for doing such an awesome job raising awareness about not flushing wet wipes down the toilet, what’s your biggest takeaway from participating in our #FightTheFatberg campaign?


Shahed: To continue to raise awareness about the issue: this is our water that we need to look after & maintain. We are ultimately all responsible for the quality of our water & any damage we may do to our sewers. To also encourage people to image search the Fatberg - so they could see exactly what we are causing to our sewers! #binit 


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