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Thames Water and Age UK Berkshire working together

BinIt Lord

Fiona Price, Chief Executive Age UK BerkshireFiona Price, Chief Executive Age UK Berkshire

If you've been paying attention to our Twitter timeline today, Thames Water and UKPN held a joint conference at Age UK London, where we got to showcase a variety of different ways we support our most vulnerable customers. Thames Water offers priority services  to our vulnerable customers. I caught up with Fiona to talk about our partnership with Age UK Berkshire. 


Peta: Can you take me back, how’d this partnership form between Age UK Berkshire and Thames Water?


Fiona: We were invited to go along and meet the Thames Water team following a discussion they had with our local voluntary sector organisational group- Reading Voluntary Action.  They were keen to meet local charities that could support and spread the word about the priority services register. As they are a very local company to us we were keen to go along and chat about how we could work together.


Peta: What sort of positive benefits have you seen since partnering with Thames Water?


Fiona: We have seen several benefits; our knowledge and therefore the information that we pass onto the older people we support about the priority register has improved.  We have also linked up as a 3 way partnership with SSEN to spread the word.  Thames water have also been great at supporting some of the local events in the area like Reading Older persons day Event held in October every year.


Thames Water & UKPN Conference (Photo Credit: Age UK London)Thames Water & UKPN Conference (Photo Credit: Age UK London)

Peta: Do you think more UK charities could benefit partnering up with their own local utility companies?


Fiona: Yes definitely! The benefit to our clients is great and we have also benefitted from joint marketing, social media and general awareness.


Peta: What sort of plans does Age UK Berkshire and Thames Water have in the pipeline for 2019?


Fiona: We plan to continue to work closely, encouraging more people to sign up to the priority register.  Our ultimate aim is to have a seamless easy process so that when we speak to an older person in Berkshire and they give their permission to be on the priority register that we will be able to register them and the information through to Thames Water with a simple press of a button!




Thames Water Employee

I was lucky enough to attend the Age UK event today.

What struck me most was the wide variery of community organisations attending, each passionate about what they do and eager to share great ideas about how Thames Water and UKPN can add more people to the Priority Services Registers and obtain Affordability help.

It's  through strong partnerships like this that we will reach the people most in need of our support. I'm looking forward to hearing how the attendees spread the word! 

Water Royalty

Good job! Good to see two organistions come together.