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The Wet Wipe Challenge

BinIt Lord



Remember our Wet Wipe Challenge in Reading? As you can see, wet wipes are not meant to go down the loo. Every hour we clear five blockages from our sewer network caused by wipes, while in an average year we clear around 85,000 blockages caused by wipes and cooking fat at a cost of around £12 million.


Blockages also build up in the pipes inside properties leaving you to shoulder the costs of removal and clean-ups. When it comes to flushing always remember the three Ps – poo, pee and paper.  Smiley Happy


Here are some top alternatives to wet wipes 

  • Grab a stash of reusable cotton pads and use them with warm water and cleanser to remove make-up. To clean them, just throw them in the wash with your clothes.
  • Keep a damp towel close to the kids, they can use it for their mucky hands and you can use it to soak up spills
  • Use microfiber cloths with cleaning sprays to wipe sides, surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. They’re much tougher than wet wipes, so you can scrub even the most stubborn stains away.
  • Add cleansing foam to pre-moisten your toilet paper. It’s just as good as a wet wipe, but a million times better for the sewers.
  • Try switching to reusable baby wipes for the little ones. They’re super soft on faces, bums, and tums and they can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Fancy taking the Wet Wipe challenge? Here’s what you need.

  • Two water bottles
  • A couple of pieces of toilet paper
  • One wet wipe
  • A friend


  • Put the toilet paper in one bottle
  • Put the wet wipe in the other bottle
  • Give one of the bottles to your friend
  • Give the bottle a good shake

As you can see, the wet wipe is still in one piece. Just imagine what happens when you flush them down the loo. The evil creation of Fatty McFatberg begins, in order to stop Fatty McFatberg, put your wet wipes in the bin.

Bin it. Don’t block it.   

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Thames Water Employee

Toilet paper! Wet wipes don't dissolve!