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On Tuesday 8th of October, there was a burst water main on Queens Drive, N4. We've been working as hard as possible in the area and will be updating this page as regulary as possible. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

One of our large water mains on Queens Drive in London N4 has burst this morning. This has caused flooding to properties in the immediate area, and has also caused customers in N1, N4, N5, N7 and N19 to experience low water pressure or no water supply.


Curious visitors will be able to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Didcot sewage works at an open day.


The event on Saturday, August 31 will offer guests a rare glimpse into how we transforms the town’s sewage into clean river water.


It includes a tour of the site in Basil Hill Road, which treats waste water from around 37,000 people in and around Didcot, and a look at the equipment used to process the sewage.


During the visit guests will see how solid matter is filtered out of waste water and the problems that can be caused by “unflushable” items such as wet wipes, which can clog up machinery at the site and block the pipes that feed into it.


They will also be able to witness the other stages of the sewage treatment process and see the end product, where the fully cleaned up water is released back in to the environment. 


Thames Water’s education executive Deena McKinney, who will be leading the tour, said: “We always find our open days are really popular because people are fascinated by what we do with all the waste water that leaves their homes.


“They’re also amazed at just how big an impact the things they pour and flush away have on our equipment and the environment.


“Young people in particular love the ‘yuck’ factor associated with a sewage works. We hope lots of people will come and join us.”


The open day will run from 10am to noon. Places are limited and while children are welcome, they must be aged seven or older and accompanied by an adult. To book, email

Thames Water Employee

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