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Bee help

Hi,A few local bee keeping enthusiasts are creating an Apiary not far from the Queen Elizabeth reservoir. We hope to grow our bee colonies over the next few years and help our dwindling bee View more...

Posted by: Member • in Welcome to the community • last updated
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Main Stopcock

Most of my neighbours have a main stopcock in the pavement outside their house. I have one that requires a piece of equipment to turn off the water. It can't be done by hand. How do I ask for a new View more...

Posted by: Member • in Thames Water Hub • last updated
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Freebies quandry

Hello I have been looking through your excellent 'freebies' section and want to place my order. However, I'm a bit confused about the savings difference between your "ShowerSave" and "Water Efficient View more...

Posted by: Water Royalty • in Welcome to the community • last updated


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