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Did you know that people with some disabilities are entitled to a discount on their water bills?

People with (not limited to) Crohn's Disease, are entitled to a discount off the metered water rate. Get in contact with Thames Water and find out if you're able to apply for a eligible disability discount!
BinIt Lord

Hi @deepan88 


Thank you for your post and you're right, we have a scheme called WaterSure that can help assist our customers! This includes customers that have a medical condition that requires additional water and helps by setting a maximum charge for metered water bills.  For others who might be interested or to learn more about the scheme please visit our WaterSure Scheme page. 


We also appreciate that some customers might need extra help during any interruption to their water supply, due to a medical dependency or lack of mobility.  It’s worth being proactive and registering for our Priority Services in advance of needing the help.  Additional services on offer support individuals with vision or hearing impairments, through alternate billing and contact channels.


I'm happy WaterSure is helping you out! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Really useful input - thank you so much for signing up and being part of the Thames Water Community. Enjoy our world-class tap water Smiley Happy 

Water Royalty

Very interesting - I wonder how many people even know this. I have releatives that have disabilities (in the government's eyes at least) but that doesn't stop them working, walking or doing everything normally so I doubt they even think about things like this.

BinIt Lord

Hey @SachV


It's a great service for our customers with disabilities, be sure you forward on this link to your relatives, in case they aren't aware about the scheme! 


We will have a blog post coming up soon, stay tuned! 

Water Royalty
Hi, agreed this is really good news. I know someone who would definitely benefit from this. Are Thames Water doing anything proactive to make people aware? I've probably just missed it! However, would be good to put info in with bills for instance. I'll be sure to pass on the link to my mate.
BinIt Lord

Hey @Boss85


Thanks for you suggestion, that's a really good idea! I will let the team know. We do raise awareness about it throughout the year. 


It's also a part of our Winter Campaign. As I mentioned we will be doing more pieces around it on community.  Smiley Happy


If your mate needs any further assistance they can give our Priority Services team a call, 0800 009 3652 or email Heart