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Hogsmill Reserve

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Thames Trooper

Hey!!!! I have some family coming around this weekend. The weather is supposed to be amazing. I was looking to take them out to Hogsmill, I never been before. Can you tell me any cool things we can see?  

BinIt Lord

Hey @JackTheLad


Nice to see you again! There's plenty to do at our Hogsmill Nature Reserve, I must warn you it's membership only - but you can get more details here on how to become a member.  Also no refeshments on-site, so make sure you pack a lunch. 


Some of the key highlights include


  • reed fringes
  • scrub
  • wildflower meadow
  • lagoons
  • tall herb
  • islands and wader scrapes
  • sand martin bank
  • deep waters 

The lagoons are pretty awesome, perfect opportunity for some great pictures to put on your instagram! 


Here's some more content about our other Nature Reserves, in case you fancy having a little adventure. 

Let's go for a walk! 

Looking for things to do over the Easter Weekend (even though Easter is over, the content is still relevant!) Smiley Happy


Hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions.


Thames Trooper

Hey @Peta, I wasn't aware there was a membership fee, but thanks for the letting me know! I will check out the other links too. Robot Very Happy