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Moving house: how can I pay water for 10 days?


Hello, I am moving house in 11th Dec and currently the water bill is paid for by a direct debt by our flatmate. However our flatmate is moving out on the 01 Dec so there is a period of 10 days were we are potentially out of water,


How should we deal with this situation? Is there a contract that will suit us for this short term before we move? Is it possible to purchase a contract with thames water on the 01 Dec and pay for 10 days in the old property and the remaining 20 in the new property?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there,


We wouldn't want to stop your water supply so don't worry too much about that.


The best way to handle this would be to close the account as of 11th December and then they personally pay whoever is paying the Direct Debit money for the 10 days he isn't at the property. 
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