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Static Idling

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With the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London about to commence with the intention of reducing the 30000 estimated premature deaths caused by toxic air, I'm wondering what policies, if any that Thames Water have in preventing their staff from creating unnecessary pollution by sitting in their vehicles for extended periods with the engine running? I'm raising this qustion with Thames water as I seem to see a lot of your staff breaking the law with this behaviour and therefore it would appear that this topic seems to not be of any concern to Thames water. Please advise.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, thanks for message - the subject you have raised is very important for our future. 


We have recently communicated to all of our drivers on this subject. We have reminded them about their impact on the environment and the importance of minimising engine idling, yet understanding that sometimes it is required to run on-board equipment. We have also communicated this to our partners and contractors. We will continue to monitor for engine idling with the aim to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.


Thanks so much for raising this - out of interest, how did you find the Community?