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Thames Water bill too high?

Thames Trooper

I live with my parents and we have a flat that's got 2 beds and 1 bathroom. My parents just received a bill worth £3,000 (12 months) due in instalments for the next following months, having a bill of £250/month after installing a water meter? We normally pay around £60-£100, which can still be high, but £250 seems to be a lot. They've called my parents and stated that this was because there was a correction made in the meter reading, and now they've adjusted the bill, which they say include payments we had to make for the last 5 years when we were paying less than we should have. I'd also like to add that we live in a flat where there's a flat below us and beside us (one block of flats). What's the possibility that they're charging us including the flat owners under us? Additional info: I've found out through our water bill that we're using more than 100 cubic metres worth of water per month. And the average of 5 members per household uses 191 cubic meters of water per year. This seems to be too much water we're using up. Would anyone know how this could happen? Apart from possibly getting charged the amount including other flat owner's water meter reading? I'd like to ask if anyone knows a case like this, and what we can do about it. Thanks!