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Trees on land owned by Thames Water creating a nuisance...

Thames Trooper

Hello.  Our house is an end semi that adjoins land owned by Thames Water (I believe).  Some trees have self seeded and are now so big that they block out sunlight to our garden, shed their leaves into it, and their branches are resting on our shed roof!  Who can I contact, please, to have these pruned or cut down...? Maria


it trees have done for millions of years and provide you with oxygen to breathe and stay alive, as well as absororbing and removing air pollution. Leave them as they are please.


Thames Trooper

Sure thing rollingpinboy. It's better not to cut down the trees. However, if you're having a lot of problems with the weeds around it, make sure you clean it and ask the hotmail login neighbors to do so. Also, only cut the branches and other hanging weeds to make your home surrounding clean. Do not ever cut down the trees.

Thames Trooper

Nice post.