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Update on the burst affecting BR1 / BR2

Community Manager
Community Manager

Update 1 - We’re on the case 

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


We’ve discovered a burst water pipe in Bromley Common. We’ve stopped majority of the leak; however, we’re still working hard as some of the valves are under concrete.First job is to find and stop the leakFirst job is to find and stop the leak


Update 2- We’ve located the burst

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


You may experience a drop in your water pressure. We’re doing all we can to keep your water flowing. The repair needs extra care as the burst pipe is alongside two high voltage cables and a gas main, which also needs to be repaired.We've located the burstWe've located the burst


Update 3 - We’re in your area  

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


We're working with Transport for London to make sure that all traffic in the area can continue to move, however, we've closed one lane to help us get the repair finished as quick as possible.Working with TFLWorking with TFL


Update 4 - We’ve started repairs and have a water bottle station open

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


We're doing all we can to repair the pipe and get everything back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. In the meantime, we have a bottle water station at Tesco Homesdale Road, BR1 2UE.Our water bottle station in BromleyOur water bottle station in Bromley


Update 5- We're out delivering water

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


Our support team is on the ground delivering bottled water and providing extra support for our priority service customers.
If you’re medically dependant on water, please visit: for information on our priority services.


Update 6 - We’re working with local businesses  

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


We’re in communication with local businesses in your local area and contine to work with Transport for London to make sure that we work together to limit disruption as much as possible. The road by Bromley Common remains shut to traffic. Diversions are in place.

Update 7 -  We're working to bring you back in supply 

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 


We're continuing to repair the water pipe and work hard to get as many of you back in supply as quickly as possible. Currently, we are re-routing water from other parts of the network to bring as many of you back into supply. 

Update 8 -  We're working to bring you back in supply 

Wednesday 17 July / Thursday 18 July 

Good news, we've managed to pump extra water into the network, so your water should start returning to you. Please make sure you run your cold kitchen tap for a few minutes to clear any trapped air. Thank you for your patience during this disruption.


Thames Trooper

Could we please have an expected time that the repairs will be completed by.


It is not acceptable that we are two days in and you are unable to provide this basic information. It is not possible to plan business contingency without this information.


Alex Hughes.


Grange Property Management. 


Maple and Linden House 153-159 Masons HIll

This information is a day late. We have been without water since the early hours of Wednesday morning and you are posting information as if this is a new issue today (Thursday). Also the information about water being available was not advertised yesterday until it was 'closed' and no longer available. I am utterly disappointed with the lack of information and concern for rate paying households left without water for days. I assume there is a compensation procedure or are you going to be secretive about that too?
Thames Trooper

The bottled water station is all well and good, but what about the people who don't have access to a car? There are a number of elderly in the area and. thanks to the great transport links, a lot of people don't have cars around here any  more. Is there any possibility of deliveries to the vulnerable?


Thames Trooper

At 07:30am this morning you had both lanes blocked off because the back streets in the area were jammed!  Any 11:30am or 12:30pm update for us please?  

Flush Master



Water Royalty

I have only just found out about this water and have been without running water for 2 days at Heron Court. Signs need to be put up locally. What time is it availbe until as I cannot get there till 9pm, could have gone yesterday if I had known. There are also elderly and those without cars at Heron Court and I am sure more local areas, this is a long way to walk. More local drop off points would be useful. This obviously isn't a solution but would help mildly with the issue. We need hot running water ASAP!

Water Royalty

I have only just found out about this water and now cannot get there till 9pm, will it still be open at this time? Signs throughout area are needed. There are elderly and those without cars at Heron Court and thourought the area who have no way of accessing. More local drop offs needed.


This isn't a solution as we need hot running water ASAP!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Nettle , we've been out delivering bottled water to those who are registered for priority services - there is more information available here: including how those who may require some additional support can register. Really sorry if you have been impacted today. 

Flush Master

This information that you uploading to the website and here is nothing more than a holding message and is out of date.  The fact that you are handing out water and keep banging on about it is utterly pathetic, we're not running a marathon or in a drought ridden country.


The only details that people want are when it's going to be fixed. Working round the clock, doing all you can etc. etc. good to know and tbh we shouldn't expect anything less.


Let's clear up a few points.


1. This occured yesterday (17th July) not this morning at 06:30.

2. This has occured in exactly the same location before.  This would clearly indicate negligence of the part of Thames Water, you've worked on this site several times and clearly cannot or have not fixed the issue.

3. The damage to the Gas mains was not present on Wednesday, this  occured overnight and was damaged by your own spanner monkeys.  See point 2. ref negligence.

4. When will it be fixed? What are your SLA's here?

5. Given points 2 & 3, you should be concerned about class action, it would be easy to gain support and easier to cast blame.

6. Your on-line customer services representatives, clearly have zero empowerment, all they can comment, is that a) we are working on it and b) we have set up a water station.


I suggest you start a) giving out more tangible information, b) start working on a fix ETA and communcating that, in my world we call that a deadline, you set one and you work towards it.


Get cracking.