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Update on the burst affecting BR1 / BR2

Thames Trooper
Mines back up and running - I’m just off southlands road
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Talix, sorry for the late response - has your water returned now? It can sometimes take a few hours but it should be back very soon if it isn't already. You can tweet us at @thameswater and one of our social agents can look into this further for you. Sorry again that you've not had water today. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Karen-68 , glad to hear your water supply is back - very sorry you had to go withoiut water today / yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful evening. 

Thames Trooper
Afraid it’s still not working, nothing at all from the taps.
Thames Trooper
I feel this isn't going to be a very popular comment, but we are signed up to the priority service. I have had 3 text messages and 2 phone calls. We had a case of water delivered yesterday. Yes, the burst shouldnt have happened, we can all pay more water rates and have the entire system updated etc etc, but, instead of moaning about the poor service for your elderly neighbours, how about you go knock their door, offer to walk and get them some water, contact thames water on their behalf to sign them up .... it ties in with uk power network too. Yes, there is lots wrong and lots that should be different ....but how about we all start caring for our community not passing all the responsibility. I am a small business owner, I get the costs and disruption. I had to stay home and not work as school was closed, an appointmnet for my child was cancelled as the business concerned had no water, but hey, we're all still alive.
Seriously deficient service. On 19 July at 0157 a man in no discernible uniform armed only with a mobile torch turned OFF our supply 9 hours after you thanked BR1 and 2 residents for our patience in RESTORING a water supply which in my road had not been effected. Hopeless.
Thames Trooper

This leakage has been going on since the beginning of the week. 

No water and its now Friday. I came out to a lake on Wednesday - No water Thursday and still none on Friday. I work so I cannot be lugging water supplies everywhere and I certainly saw no water deliveries. Some worker said there was a code for tescos and then didnt pass it on. This should be delivered all those cut off in th e road asap.

There are constant leaks up and down Masons Hill and this seems to have progressed to Bromley Common. Does this mean that it will move down eventually to the Crown?

Instead of paying out to shareholders a little bit of investment might be the way forward.

Thames Trooper
Any idea when Bromley Common will reopen to traffic?