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Water meters

Thames Trooper
I would like to get an answer I live in Chingford and have been installed with a water meter why have I and my neighbour next door is adamant she hasn’t got to have one ? I didn’t ask for one and I would like to clarify why she hasn’t had one installed?
BinIt Lord

Hi Srl1970, 


Welcome to the community and thank you so much for your question! I can’t discuss your neighbour’s account, however we're rolling out smart meters across our region.


We have the right to fit meters under the Water Industry Act 1991 section 162, under our Resources Management Plan for 2015 - 2040. This act grants permission for water companies to meter domestic premises on a compulsory basis in areas which have been determined by the Secretary of State to be of serious water stress (this includes our region).


You can take a look at this map to see the areas we’re working on. 


To learn more about our smart meters, please check out our FAQs.  Smiley Happy