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We aim to reduce leaks by 15% by 2025 but we need your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

In a bid to help reduce the amount of water wasted by leaks, we have recently signed leak detection contracts worth £200 million, to help us find and fix leaks in our pipe network. With over 32,000km of pipes, many of which are Victorian, this is a big task. Our aim is to reduce leaks by 15% by 2025, but we’ll need our customers to help us reach this goal. You can track our progress against our plan each month.


A dripping tap or leaky pipe may not seem like a big deal or even a reason to contact us, but having lots of little leaks soon adds up, causing millions of litres of water to be wasted each month. Have you noticed a leak in your garden, or in the street, or spotted our engineers working in your area? No matter how big or small, we’re looking for feedback from our customers on how we’re handling leaks. Let us know your thoughts below. 


If you have spotted a leak that needs reporting, please visit our report a leak page