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Thames Trooper

I’m in my second month of tenancy agreement (with a six month contract that I want to be renewed), therefore I need permit from my landlord to apply for a water meter. At first I was told that there is no space to install it, but after I obtained permit to apply for it. Nevertheless the landlord specified that they “do not give permission to alter the property in any way (such as cutting panels)”. Is this something that can happen installing the water meter? Will I know in advance where and how will be installed the water meter, so that if needed I can ask further permit to my landlord before to have it installed?

BinIt Lord

Hi Anna, 


It all depends on the appropriate spot to put your meter, this may or may not require any alteration to your property. If you've been on the property more than six months, you do not require permission from your landlord.  


If you've requested a meter, you will get a time/date. For more information on meters you can check our FAQs


Thames Trooper

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