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Bringing our 3D fatberg to London!

BinIt Lord


Were you in or around South Bank yesterday? You might've spotted the Thames Water marketing & digital teams by this unique piece of 3D art showcasing a fatberg! It's a part of our Bin It - don't block it campaign. 


While it was cold and misty yesterday, everyone pulled together to educate the great British public all about fatbergs, what causes them and what we can do as a community to prevent them.  


Take a look at our Facebook live video featuring Akhil and Henry, you'll really get to see the 3D perspective.  


3D art.JPG



How can you help stop these digusting fatbergs blocking our sewers? Great question! Would you believe 4 in 10 consumers admitted flushing wipes, nappies and sanitary products?


There's no need to feel guilty Smiley Embarassed (ok maybe a little bit) just kidding. 


The first thing to remember is the three Ps, which are poop, pee and paper goes down the loo. Bin your wet wipes, nappies and sanitary products. 


If you're aiming to be Britian's next top chef, when it comes to your cooking oils, don't pour them down the drain.  Be a smart chef and store your oils in some sort of glass jar, when it's full - throw it away. You would be surprised these little things we do can make a huge difference to help prevent fatbergs in our sewers. 


If you're into art or want to know the backstory of our "What Lies Beneath"  3D art piece, I interviewed Julian Fisher from Markettiers (our agency partner) partner about how they came up with this idea. Smiley Happy


Oh... one more treat. Check out the behind the scenes video! Smiley Wink

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Wow! This is cool piece of art.