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Fatberg tidbits and stats

BinIt Lord

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What does a fatberg fear? Our Sewper Heroes of course! Our men and women who work hard clearing out these monstrous concoctions made of; fat, wet wipes and cooking oil from our sewers.

We can do our part to help by simply storing our cooking oils in a glass jar or throwing our wet wipes in the bin. The next time you flush, keep the three Ps in mind: pee, poo and paper.

I rounded up some fatbergs that made headlines in our region. Check out these crazy stats.

6 August 2013: Kingston upon Thames woke up to a huge surprise (put it mildly) under London Road. The fatberg weighed 15 tonnes, roughly the size of a bus. The fatberg consisted of food, fat and wet wipes.

1 September 2014: A mix of fat, wet wipes, tennis balls and wood planks the size of a Boeing 747 created one disgusting fatberg beneath the streets of Shepherd’s Bush.

September 2017: The infamous Whitechapel fatberg that came in at a whopping 140 tonnes and 250 metre long! Two pieces of the fatberg were displayed at the Museum of London’s “City Now City Future” season.

April 2018: A massive fatberg made headlines once again but this time in South Bank. It prompted a special documentary by Channel 4 and Thames Water, Fatberg Autopsy: Secrets of the Sewers.

What do you do to fight the fatberg? Share your tips with us!

Water Royalty
I do my part by using a fat trap! 😀
BinIt Lord

That's awesome @MindTheGap, fat trappers work wonders!Smiley Happy

What an informative article! Thanks for keeping the issue of sewage so entertaining. More on this please, you guys seem to be the only experts on this phenomena

BinIt Lord

Hi @RiverThamesFishies


That's what we're here for! Welcome to our community Smiley Happy if you get a second, feel free to introduce yourself!