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Fatberg tidbits and stats??

Thames Trooper

What does a fatberg fear? Our Sewper Heroes of course! Our men and women who work hard clearing out these monstrous concoctions made of; fat, wet wipes and cooking oil from our sewers.

We can do our part to help by simply storing our cooking oils in a glass jar or throwing our wet wipes in the bin. The next time you flush, keep the three Ps in mind: pee, poo and paper.omegle

I rounded up some fatbergs that made headlines in our region. Check out these crazy stats.
6 August 2013: Kingston upon Thames woke up to a huge surprise (put it mildly) under London Road. The fatberg weighed 15 tonnes, roughly the size of a bus. The fatberg consisted of food, fat and wet wipes.

1 September 2014: A mix of fat, wet wipes, tennis balls and wood planks the size of a Boeing 747 created one disgusting fatberg beneath the streets of Shepherd’s Bush.

September 2017: The infamous Whitechapel fatberg that came in at a whopping 140 tonnes and 250 metre long! Two pieces of the fatberg were displayed at the Museum of London’s “City Now City Future” season.

April 2018: A massive fatberg made headlines once again but this time in South Bank. It prompted a special documentary by Channel 4 and Thames Water, Fatberg Autopsy: Secrets of the Sewers.

What do you do to fight the fatberg? Share your tips with us!

Thames Trooper