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Fatbergs, Wastage and Pollution

Water Royalty
Hi, I read an article the other day about wet wipes contributing something like 90% to fatberg build up (which is crazy). To be honest I never realised some were being marketed as flushable and would never even think of flushing one so don't understand people who do, but it got me thinking about what Thames Water are doing about making people aware? As a Greenpeace donator I would imagine such organisations would be willing to run campaigns in partnership to raise awareness of the environmental damage this type of thing causes. Has that ever been looked at?
BinIt Lord

Hey @Boss85


You're right, it's hard to believe people flush them down the toilets! We did PR Stunt in November near South Bank, it was a 3D canvas art piece of what a fatberg looks like. 


While talking to some of the members of the public, they admitted they've flushed the wet wipes down the loo out of laziness.  Smiley Sad But thankfully they are mindful now!  


Thames Water runs campaigns all year around regarding the fatberg and wet wipes. We just collaborated with a couple of beauty influencers on Instagram. Be sure to bookmark our Bin it - don't block it page!   


If you haven't already, be sure to follow our pages on social. 






I'm always on the lookout to partner up with likeminded organisations, feel free to PM me a direct contact, if you have one. Thanks for joining the community! I look forward to more of your responses and posts.   

Water Royalty
Thanks for the reply Peta.

Sounds promising that your are open to the idea. I don't have any direct contacts as I just donate each month, but I guess you can contact them through the usual channels.

This may be a good first step. They send out a monthly pack to supporters talking about the different campaigns they are involved in.

Hope this helps and look forward to maybe seeing something about this soon!
BinIt Lord

Hey @Boss85


Thanks for the link! That's very helpful. Smiley Happy 


Feel free to make an introduction here to the community if you like! Have a great day. Smiley Very Happy


Thames Water Employee

We also talk to schools about the three ps - poo, pee and (toilet) paper, which we LOVE to go down the sewers, but not really anything else!  Have a look at our school pages to see what we are doing with our younger customers Smiley Happy

Thames Water Employee



While we don't work specifically with Greenpeace at the moment we do work with a really wide variety of other Environmental Groups and NGOs. For all the things we may get wrong or right i'm proud to say we're really committed to partnership working with NGOs so i thought i'd give you a flavour of some of what we do below...


On a national scale there's a really effective collection of eNGOs called the Blueprint for Water - which includes the likes of WWF, Friends of the Earth, RSPB, MCS and the Angling Trust. As the name suggests they're all focussed on water-based issues and we work closely with them when devising our five year business plans and were one of the first groups to sign up to their shared principles. We also share relevant bin-it campaign details with them and they're very good at promoting our shared messages when they can. 


On a local scale we fund and do alot of work with groups like Thames 21 - who work with communities across Greater London to improve our rivers, canals, ponds and lakes for people and wildlife. They've been really influential at raising awareness about wet wipes through their regular foreshore clean ups. I'm actually off to see them later today to talk about London Rivers Week!


We also work with specialist groups on specific issues, for instance in the Autumn we funded a plastic-free-periods campaign with the Women's Environmental Network to help raise awareness about plastic pollution, bin-it behaviour and period poverty.


As Peta has said we're always on the look out for new partners and new ways to get our communicate our story to the public, so ideas like reaching out to the likes of Greenpeace are really welcome :-) thank you!