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I cannot shut off the water

Thames Trooper

We need to turn off the water supply from outside in order to move the main stopcock inside the house.


The stop valve for next door is perfectly centred when the cap is removed and so it is easy for the neighbour to use a stop valve key to turn their water off.


The stop valve for our house is not at all centred when the cap is removed and so it is impossible for us to use a stop valve key to turn our water off.


Who do I need to speak to to get this fixed?


Our stop valve:


Stop valve for next door:

Good luck with that. We cannot turn off our outside stop valve as it’s seized and Thames Water refuse to come out and fix it - they say they do not offer this service during the current COVID-19 climate. Meanwhile our inside to stop **bleep** is leaking buckets and they say we have to incur the cost of alternative methods to temporarily stop the water to it so it can be fixed

I found this out yesterday when talking to TW as we need to replace our internal stop **bleep**, but the External Stop **bleep** is broken and cannot be used to turn off the water. I can't be the only one amazed by this new policy of not fixing these stop cocks!