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Join us for our annual Raftrace to raise money for WaterAid!

BinIt Lord

raftrace approved 1.jpg


Please join us for our annual Raftrace, as we raise money for WaterAid, which is a part of our Thames Love Malawi campaign!


This year’s theme is based around Independence Day, since it takes place on 4th July. 


We got a sneak preview of the rafts; one team has decorated their raft to look like a 1950s dinner and another team is paying tribute to the Will Smith’s movie Independence Day. 


This event is open to the public and will be held at Reading Rowing Club.


Don’t worry there’s plenty of parking. If you drive past the entrance to the Crowne Plaza car park, through the pay as you go car park onto the fields, where our stewards will help you park safely.


There will be a BBQ, ice cream van and fully licensed bar for everyone to enjoy as well as stalls to check out.


Our executive team will be spilt into two teams, at 5pm they will have a pop quiz challenge. The losing team will have to ride their raft wearing Mr. Tappy (WaterAid) mascot costume. 


Here’s the agenda

4pm: Come and view the rafts being prepared, have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere

5pm Executive challenge

6pm: Race begins

7pm’ish: The reason why we say 7pm’ish, it really all depends on when the rafts come in.  This is the part where we give out prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) the best fancy dress and the least sporting behaviour (since participants are highly encouraged to splash each other)


raftrace approved 2.jpg


Other companies in and around our region will be participating in the race too.


Learn more about our Thames Love Malawi campaign


Comment below if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you on the 4th July! Smiley Happy