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Keep a look out for this logo!

Thames Water Employee





I've got some great news! Check out this new official logo to identify wet wipes that can be flushed down the toilet. 


The “Fine to Flush” logo will appear on products that have passed rigorous scientific testing to show they break up in the sewers and prevent the evil Fatty McFatberg from rearing its ugly head!


Despite many wet wipes being labelled flushable, this is often not the case so some people unwittingly put them in the toilet, leading to giant fatbergs developing underground which are expensive to clear and can have a devastating impact on the environment.


As you might’ve heard, each year Thames Water clear 75,000 blockages and wet wipes are a major contributing factor.


The “Fine to Flush” logo will give you the greenlight that it’s ok to flush the wet wipe down the toilet.

If there’s no logo, you know where those wet wipes belong? You guessed it… in the BIN! These particular wet wipes contain plastic, which makes it hard for it to break a part.


The “Fine to Flush” standard must be plastic free; we’ll keep you updated on which manufacturers will be taking this on. 

Water Royalty

Is there an argument to stop wet-wipes altogether? I saw a few responses to your social media posts suggesting that but I think if they are flushable meaning they don't have that plastic element in, I don't see any issues. I think having proper flushable wet wipes would be great resulting in those that want to use them, would be free to use them without any guilt. Is there any info on the actual wet wipes that are flushable? Where can one purchase them from? Or are they not in shops yet? Regardless, to know they are coming and manufactuers are changing their ways is a a fantastic result.

BinIt Lord

Hey @SachV


For now we're advising customers to bin wet wipes, but those wet wipes that claim to be flushable, if they contain plastic, sadly they do cause a problem and contribute to the fatberg. 


But we welcome this new label and we'll keep the community posted on these new wet wipes.