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Meet our Sewper Heroes!

BinIt Lord



Did you know our Sewper Heroes clear over 75,000 blockages from our sewer each year? Most of them are caused by disgusting Fatbergs.


Our Sewper Heroes have seen and cleared all sorts of blockages (we will just leave that to your imagination). 


Without our Sewper Heroes, London and Thames Valley sewers would struggle to cope with the increasing demand. 


How would they describe their job? In five simple words: Dirty, interesting, important, challenging and rewarding.


What can you do to help our Sewper Heroes? Simply remember to only put the 3Ps (poop, pee and paper) down the toilet.


Help them keep our sewers flowing and care for the environment by not flushing wet wipes and oils down the loo and sink. 


Visit our Bin it Page: Bin it. Don’t block it.          

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This is a great way of highlighting sewer abuse - well done to all the sewper heroes who do amazing jobs! 

Water Royalty

I saw these on the tube - my cousin works for Thames Water and we often discuss his work so I'm fully aware of the cool stuff you guys are doing.


I'm a customer too and really enjoyed seeing the stuff you guys have done around sewer damage; do schools cover it at all? If not, they should! It's very important and massively interesting when you get into it.