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Mmm...Festive Season Cooking!

BinIt Lord

With the holidays among us, what are you looking forward to most?


  • Spending time with your love ones?
  • Those infamous office holiday parties? (some of you are lucky enough to have more than one)
  • Or *drumroll* FOOD!

If you’re planning a holiday feast, some your recipes might require some type of oil. Whether its vegetable or coconut, oil is one of the many culprits that are responsible for fatbergs.


New research shows a third of Thames Water customers still believe putting oil down the sink is the best way of dealing with it but the substance can solidify in the sewers leading to costly blockages – similar to the 250-metre long beast found in the sewers of Whitechapel last year.


But there is a solution! Instead of pouring the oil down the sink or toilet, oil should be stored in a container, such as a glass jar. After it cools down, you can throw it away.


If you get into this helpful habit, you won’t have to worry about blockages, which can end up ruining your holiday celebrations!


Let’s all do our part to #FightTheFatberg this holiday season!

Thames Trooper
Hi Peta
Typo in sentence....... ' whether its vegetable or coconut, oil is one of the many "products", not "corrupts" '.
BinIt Lord

Hi Raingoddess, 


Thanks for spotting that!  If you come across any other typos. Feel free to PM me.  Smiley Happy