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Our FREE Water Saving Devices

BinIt Lord

Did you know our Save-a-Flush device could save you… £19* a year? 

Did you know our Water-Efficient Showerhead could save you…£87* a year? 

Did you know our Twin Tap inserts could save you…£37* a year? 


We're all looking to save £££, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. We have a selection of FREE water saving devices! And that’s not all, we also offer free delivery and free returns.  


Enter your postcode and start saving! 


*All savings quoted above are based on a family of 4, combined metered water and energy savings using 2018/19 tariffs. Images for each product are provided for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Water Royalty


I'm a bit confused about the savings difference between your "ShowerSave" and "Water Efficient Showerhead" freebies!

Your site gives flow and savings information for both devices based on a family of four:

It says the ShowerSave is capped at 8lt/min and could save up to 31,200 litres of water and £126 a year.

It says the Water Efficient Showerhead is capped at 6lt/min and could save up to 21,840 litres and £87 a year.

What I don't understand is how the ShowerSave which caps at 8 litres a minute can possibly save more water than the showerhead which is capped at 6 litres a minute? Assuming both are exclusively used for showers, surely it should be the showerhead that is saving more water / energy?

Please help me in this quandry!!

Many thanks Smiley Happy