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Our visit to the Sutton Dialysis Unit

Thames Water Employee

Priority Service Team with Kidney Care UKPriority Service Team with Kidney Care UK

Today the Priority Service team were at  the Sutton dialysis unit working alongside Kidney Care UK, we're very proud of our partnership with this wonderful charity that does amazing work. We got to meet our customers at the dialysis unit to inform them the priority services register and our WaterSure tariff. 


Telling our customers what we do and how we can help make them more resilient is a vital part of the work we do.  


Take a look at our page, maybe you know someone who can benefit from our services.  


If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask. Leave a comment below! Smiley Happy



Thames Trooper

Hi buddy, this is useful for my family members. Would plan something.



Kevin J. Hodge Vidmate