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Painstaking clear-up at sewage works

BinIt Lord


We've launched an investigation after thick, black oil was poured into the sewers, clogging up a pumping station and polluting Bracknell sewage works.


Luckily there has been no impact on customers or the environment thanks to speed and vigilance of our engineers. Had the oil not been spotted quickly, it could have damaged vital equipment as well as creating a blockage in the sewers which would have had a devastating environmental impact.


The aftermath of black oil being dumped into our sewersThe aftermath of black oil being dumped into our sewers

Steven Gerrard, who manages works, said: “Putting oil in the sewers is incredibly irresponsible and will take a lot of time and money to clean up. Luckily we have prevented it from having an impact on customers or the environment but the wider consequences could have been catastrophic. We would urge whoever is responsible to come forward so we can ensure this never happens again.”


Sadly this is not the first time oil has made its way into the network, however due to the large quantity it took a lot longer to clean up. For over a week, our workers has to painstakingly skim oil off the surface of the water at the treatment works until all the pollutant had been removed. If you ever seen oil float on top of water, it's quite nasty and difficult to clear.  


If anyone in the community knows how the oil ended up in the sewers or have seen anything suspicious 

please call 0800 980 8800. 

Water Royalty

Smiley Mad That just screams laziness!! Shame of those being so careless Smiley Mad


Kudos to the engineers! 

BinIt Lord

Hey @MindTheGap


I'm sure our engineers will appericate your kudos! Smiley Happy this was a tough job, but they truly rock.  


Like Steven said, putting oil down the sewer is incredibly irresponsible, it could've been catastrophic, but luckily our engineers spotted it. 


If ever see anyone dumping oil down our sewers, be sure to call  0800 980 8800.