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Take a behind the scenes tour of Didcot sewage treatment works, book today!

Thames Water Employee

Didcot.PNGIt may not sound like the most glamorous day out, but members of the public can come tour Didcot sewage treatment works, which guarantees to be a fascinating - although somewhat fragrant experience! 


Didcot sewage treatment works will be opening its doors to the public to take a tour around the facilities Sunday 2 June. 


Deena McKinney, Thames Water’s education executive, who will be leading the tour, said: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming people to the site, and showing our customers what happens to waste water after it leave their homes. The open days are always extremely popular, and visitors are amazed to see just how big an impact the things they pour and flush away have on our equipment and the environment. We hope lots of people will come and join us for the behind-the-scenes tour.”


Visitors will be reminded that only pee, poo and toilet paper are suitable for flushing down the toilet, and will witness first-hand how unflushable items, like wet wipes and sanitary products, can clog up machinery at the site. The water company asks its customers to ‘Bin it – don’t block it’, to prevent blockages and fatbergs, and help to protect the environment. 


The tour will follow the different stages of the treatment process, including how solid matter is filtered out of waste water to make ‘sludge’. This is then heated at high temperatures to produce gas to help power the sewage works, which provides waste water services for around 37,000 people in and around Didcot.


Previous open day visitor, Jane Strathdee, said: “We really enjoyed our visit and found the whole tour absolutely fascinating. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and explained the waste treatment process clearly. We’d definitely recommend a visit!”


Places are limited and were booked up quickly last year, so anyone interested should email to book.


The address to Didcot sewage treatment works is Basil Hill Road, DIDCOT, OX11 7HJ. 


As part of its 2020-25 business plan, Thames Water aims to increase access to operational sites, a further open day is already planned at Didcot sewage works for Saturday August 31.


If you have any questions about the tour, feel free to leave me a comment! Smiley Happy