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Try our Water Saving Calculator #BeWaterSmart

Thames Water Employee


Do you know how much water you use? Are you a water indulger or are you water savvy?


It’s really easy to find out with our new online Water & Energy Calculator.  Answer questions about your household’s water using activities and you will:


  • Get a household specific water use report showing how much water your household uses and which activities use the most. This also includes water used away from the home (e.g. at work or at the gym).
  • Your water costs and also your energy costs associated with hot water use.
  • Simple tips and tailored advice to help you save water and money on your bills.
  • Recommendations on what free water saving devices you could order and install in your home to save even more.

It’s a really easy tool to help you understand your household’s water use and save water and money on your bills. It only takes a few minutes so have a go:



Thames Trooper

This is the best thing that I read on the internet today. Water-saving calculator is what we all need in the present context. This thing must be taken to the place where there is a scarcity of drinking water and make them aware of how to save the water with the help of this calculator. Amazing.

P.S: Any more info on this? I can't find this else on the internet.