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We care about your circumstances – helping you pay your bills and feel safe

Thames Water Employee

Everyone knows the impact debt can have on their lives and wellbeing, so helping customers pay their bills, avoid falling into arrears and making themselves more resilient at home if they find themselves in vulnerable circumstances is such an important part of the work Thames Water do.


We recognise that vulnerability is a state not a trait and this can be either permanent  or temporary so we’re working hard with charities, organisations, advisors, NHS trusts, utilities and local governments to find our customers who need our help the most.  


Being on our priority services register or an affordability tariff really provides peace of mind for many customers, not forgetting their friends, family and carers so let’s give you a give overview of how we can help you or people you know:


Help paying your bills:

WaterSure Plus gives low income customers up to 50% discount on their Thames Water bills. This is based on total gross household income being less than £16,105 or £19,201 for customers in a London borough.


We use data to help assess applications and ask for evidence on an audit basis to make the process more simple and accessible.  


Extra help:

If your bill lands on your doormat and English isn’t your first language, or due to emergency works your water has been cut off for the day but you can’t go out and collect bottled water because of health issues, we would like to understand your circumstances so we can offer your support that will help make your lives easier.


By health issues we don’t just mean a cold, we are talking about significant conditions that can be temporary or life changing.


Here is a list of eligibility to give you an idea of who benefits from priority services:


  • Are elderly
  • Have restricted mobility or a disability
  • Have a chronic illness and/or are on dialysis
  • Need a constant supply of water for medical equipment
  • Have communication needs (language, dyslexia or dementia)
  • Have sight difficulties or are hard of hearing
  • Have mental health concerns


Want to find out more now?

You can visit our Priority Service Register by clicking here

And check out our Affordability Services by clicking here


Now it’s about time I wrapped up this post so please remember if you or someone you know could benefit from being on our Priority Services Register or Affordability services please get in touch with our Extra Care Team on 0800 009 3652 or email them at


Please do not post any personal details on the comments below this post as they will be for all the world to see.