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CSL customer side leaks - FREE repairs

Thames Trooper

Only Britain could invent a system like this.

All utilities own the service until your house wall, except for water. The pipe in your garden is private and your responsibility. You have to become a leak detection expert on an unknown pipe 3 feet down. It might have been leaking for years, but that's your problem, not theirs, and your responsibility to just know. HOWEVER ... TW will repair it for free and put in a new service, presumably because they have leakage targets to meet. NO they won't. Their promise is an empty lie. Their excuse ... it's too dangerous for their workmen to enter your garden and work in the open air and sunshine, metres away from anyone because of covid. It's July, covid has gone away for now, the PM and Chancellor are telling us to go back to work. The same workmen can go to the pub, have their hair cut, socialise etc in their friend's garden, but it's too dangerous to set foot in your garden. So, thousands of gallons of unmetered water pour down the road, proving that Thames couldn't organise a drink in a pumping station, and they only care about profits.

Has anyone out there managed to get a FREE repair, and how did you do it?

What percentage of customers get a free repair as promised?

Is this discrimination if some do, some don't and we all pay the same?