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Freebies quandry

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Water Royalty



I have been looking through your excellent 'freebies' section and want to place my order.


However, I'm a bit confused about the savings difference between your "ShowerSave" and "Water Efficient Showerhead" items as their descriptions look a little contradictory!


Your site gives flow and savings information for both devices based on a family of four:

It says the ShowerSave is capped at 8lt/min and could save up to 31,200 litres of water and £126 a year.

It says the Water Efficient Showerhead is capped at 6lt/min and could save up to 21,840 litres and £87 a year.


For me personally my only concern is over which one will save the most water (and money of course).

What I don't understand is how the ShowerSave which caps the flow at 8 litres a minute can possibly save more water than the showerhead which is capped at 6 litres a minute?  Assuming both were used in the exact same place and way (i.e. as the shower head, or as the connector from the source to the shower hose) surely it should be the other way around with the showerhead that is saving more water / energy (according to your capping figures)?!


Could you please explain, like for like, which saves more water please - their flow rates limits are different so they cannot save the exact same amount as each other (and indeed your site figures are different for them).


Please help me in this quandry!!


Many thanks

Thames Water Employee

Good spot and thank you for flagging this. The savings are examples of how much water can be saved but it looks like they are not consistent on the freebies website, so we will get them updated.


Both the showersave and the showerhead reduces flow to 6 litres a minute, so they both save the same amount of water and money. The amount of water you save depends on the difference between the original flow rate and the new 6 litres a minute flow rate, plus the length of time spent in the shower.

Showersaves are for people who want to keep their existing showerhead and don’t want to change it, or people can have the water saving showerhead if they prefer.


Hopefully this helps, and good luck with your water saving.

Water Royalty

Ahhh ok, good, glad I asked!  Smiley Very Happy
The figures don't tally with the savings shown in the videos either!

Cheers Smiley LOL

Thames Water Employee

@Squid This should all now be updated in line with the videos  Smiley Happy