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Learn more about Ranks and Badges!

BinIt Lord



Are you a gamer? (If not, don’t worry this will make sense)


Imagine it's break time, you are stuck on this crazy Candy Crush level you've been trying to beat for weeks, no matter how many combinations you try, nothing is working! Finally you're on you last life, you get the match you've been waiting for! What happens next? 


Besides hearing DELICIOUSSSSS you move on to the next level and recieve an achievement. 


Well, here on our community, you are rewarded by how much you participate! It’s broken up into two categories. 



A “Rank” is what’s under your name.  Everyone starts off as a “Member” but after you post X amount post (We won’t tell you how many, there’s no fun in that!) you move to the next rank.

We got plenty of ranks for you to get through!



Badges are well… badges! They sit on your profile; you again achieve badges by participating in our community. It could something like “100 Kudos received” “Best Solution Provider” or a “First Post” badge.


Ready? Game on!

Thames Trooper

This is pretty awesome. Love this.


WalmartOne ASDA