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Thames Water vehicle driver


I would like to draw your attention to the behaviour of one of your drivers this morning on the M4 heading West between J11 and J12, registration number KE15 FEJ at around 11:15am, 11th March 2020.


I was tailgated by this driver for a while whilst in the outside lane overtaking traffic in the middle lane. I was unable to move over to the inside lane owing to other traffic but still the driver of this vehicle continued to try to push me along, exceeding the 50mph speed limit (owing to road works). As soon as I was able, I moved out of his way and he floored it along the outside lane, well in excess of 50mph.


I do not expect to be intimaded on my way to work by anyone, never mind somebody driving a vehicle which would easily identify the organisation for which he works. I hope you have dash cams in your vehicles! Had I been a nervous or new driver this had the potential to cause a significant accident and I hope the drivers of all your fleet are educated in road safety.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @emz245, that's not good to hear! I'll get onto our fleet team and they should be identify the driver and remind him or her of their responsbilities. Thank you so much for raising and i apologise on behalf of Thames Water.