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Welcome to the Thames Water Community!

BinIt Lord

First off a big WELCOME to the Thames Water Community Hub! Smiley Happy


We’re really excited to have you with us and explore these new “uncharted" waters. (no pun intended)  Smiley Wink Now that you’ve read the rules and agreed with our T&Cs, let the fun begin by introducing yourself.


Do you have any hobbies? Favourite TV shows? Which football team do you support or maybe you can answer this age old question - which came first the chicken or the egg? Let’s get to know each other, engage, and enjoy water!  


This is YOUR Community built around YOU and we’ll continue to make changes and take YOUR opinions seriously when making them.  Just to give you a little teaser on what to expect...we’ve got some great content lined up for you! 


  • Tips on how to save money on your next bill. (This is your chance to share some of your tips too with other community members!) 
  • Great spots to explore around the Thames region (who doesn’t like a cheap and cheerful getaway, if you’re an avid runner or walker we would love to hear some of your favourite spots)  
  • The charities we support and how you can join us? (Maybe you have a great fundraising idea? We would love to hear it!)
  • Showcasing the different campaigns, we run throughout the year. (Ever heard of a Fatberg? Sounds gross doesn’t? Trust us it is! Or the Plastic man?) 

If you have any questions about the community or complaints, feel free to drop me a private messageSmiley Happy


Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and let the conversations commence! 

Water Royalty



Thanks for the warm introduction! Saw the FB post about this new community and thought I would check it out. I've in the London area all my life. Thames Water follows me wherever I go lol. Smiley LOL


I'm a gunners fan! GoT is my favourite TV series. My mates and I love dressing up as GoT characters for cosplay conventions. 


For weekend getaways, I love exploring the Thames Valley and going on nature walks. Even in the winter! Except when it rains. Smiley Sad 





BinIt Lord

Hi MindTheGap (love your name) LOL very iconic! I'm glad you're enjoying the community! If you have any questions, let me know. Smiley Very Happy


I think I might netflix binge on GoT this weekend, which is your favourite season? 


Thanks for sharing your interests! 

Community Manager
Community Manager



I had a feeling i knew exactly what your name was about being a fellow Gooner! 


Really glad you've joined our brand new community and remember, there's loads of badges to collect so get participating! 


Have a great day! 

Water Royalty
Thank you!!! Happy to see another gooner on here!

My favourite GoT season was season 3, juicy storylines.

How to save money on our next bill?!!! Omg quick tell us! my 2019 resolution is to save more £'s!

BinIt Lord

Hey @RiverThamesFishies


Are you #WinterReady? We got some great tips in this blog on how to keep your home warm and save £££ Smiley Happy

Community Manager
Community Manager

Our water saving devices that you can order from our website: and if you're on a water meter, you may see a difference! 

Thames Trooper

Hi all,


I'm Toby and just took my account online - along with paperless billing Smiley Happy.


Thought I'd register here in the community too. Smiley Happy

BinIt Lord

Hey Toby! 


That's awesome! Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Let us know if you have any feedback.