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Welcome to the Thames Water Community!

Water Royalty

Thankyou thames water, i joined this community last night and i like that this is set up for the customers, not sure if your staff get involved,but i like this type of social site that all can have a say and participate..👍🙂

BinIt Lord

Hi @john0207 


First off, welcome to the community! I'm glad you like this set up, it's definitely growing. Our staff do participate on here, this is a place to learn about all things related to Thames Water, share tips and engage with customers like yourself too! 


Do you have any hobbies? 

Thames Trooper

Thanks for the warm introduction! Saw the FB post about this new community and thought I would check it out. I've in the London area all my life. Thames Water follows me wherever I go lol. Smiley LOL