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A Fund to Solve update

Thames Water Employee

A Fund to Solve update

Mario Kart - Community Post.jpgMyself and my colleagues at Team Aquator have just put everything away from our internal Mario Kart Tournament which was a great success raising over £240 for WaterAid! The event also encouraged our colleagues to get a couple of minutes of fresh air during their day. We stuck to the one track throughout the event with the overall winner setting a time of 1:52 which was over 40 seconds quicker than the slowest time of the tournament. It is safe to say that I don’t think any of us will be in Formula One anytime soon!


In my last update I mentioned that the team had selected Columbia as our solve challenge country but what does this actually mean? Well now is the time to find out.


Our first step on this journey was to attend a WaterAid Webinar on 22nd May where we asked five questions to someone with first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing Columbia. Throughout solve the team will specifically be looking at water issues facing the indigenous Wayuu population in La Guajira. This population live in predominantly scattered communities of families and clans, with an average population density of 100 people per square kilometre. Their water is scarce and comes from multiple sources, such as: dysfunctional borehole wells, shallow hand dug wells and natural rainwater ponds.


Our challenge is to create a supply chain and marketing strategy for household water treatment for the Wayuu population. We are going to attempt to develop a framework for the collection, transportation and cleaning of water taking into account the different background aspects needed for sustainable implementation. I hope that gives you a good insight into the solve element of Winnovators and next month I will be covering the final element which is learn.

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Re: A Fund to Solve update

Great job!