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The clock counts down to the finish

Thames Water Employee

The clock counts down to the finish

It has been a while since I have given an update on Team Aquator’s progress, this has been predominantly been down to all the work which has been going on behind the scenes. So, with only 5 weeks until our submission deadline I thought I would give you a round up on fund and solve.


Back on the 4th of July we helped with the annual raft race which resulted in over £30,000 being raised for WaterAid of which we raised over £9,000. It was a great day enjoyed by all and was well worth the time it took to get it all set up and packed away. If you have never been before it is well worth an afternoon/evening out in Reading to come and see what it’s all about.


We have also been running an internal raffle which has topped over £600 and is only in the third week of running. Our final fundraising event of the project will be an internal 5-a-side football tournament which should make for an interesting clash of skill, strength and speed from the various teams across the business. All of this has meant that we have exceeded are £10,000 target already which is a massive achievement by everyone in the team.


We have also been working away on the solve aspect as well. We have created a marketing strategy to help the various communities in Columbia understand the dangers of drinking dirty water and cross contamination. Our strategy focusses on the whole water journey from source to mouth, with each stage carefully researched and planned. I can’t give much more than that away yet as we are still in competition with several teams from across the world.


Last month I mentioned the final element of learn. This element involves our own personal and team journey throughout the project and how we have developed throughout the past five months. Developed skills include everything from teamwork, communication and even stakeholder engagement. With each activity it has been important to reflect on what we have learnt and how we have developed both individually and as a team. Each these learnings can be taken forward into our future careers at Thames Water.


That is all for now but I will give you a greater insight into our learn journey next month after the submission date, we wouldn’t want other teams copying our ideas would we?