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Winnovators: more than just a fundraiser

Thames Water Employee

Winnovators: more than just a fundraiser

Ever heard of Winnovators? No? Well nor had I until last week when we were visited by the WaterAid committee who explained what the competition is about... 


Over the next 6 months, over 50 teams around the world will be competing in what can only be described as an Apprentice style fundraising fiesta. The aim is for each team to raise over £10,000 for WaterAid. Thames’ graduate cohort has been divided into two teams of 9. We will be raising funds specifically for the Thames Loves Malawi Scheme, helping to equip the towns of Kasungu and Mponela with clean water, sanitation and good hygiene for years to come. 


“And how is this different from any other WaterAid fundraiser?” I hear you ask... 


Throughout this project, we will not just be generating funds but looking to engineer innovative solutions to real-world problems. The project is split into three fundamental building blocks; fund, learn and solve.  

‘Fund’ will look to raise money through various events placed throughout the year, generating profits, engaging with internal and external stakeholders while raising awareness for WaterAid.  

‘Solve’ will allow us the opportunity to take ideas addressing water issues in Columbia, India and eSwatini from principle to practice. The winning team will be able to implement their solutions and physically change lives. 


‘Learn’ will give the participants of the programme the opportunity to develop individual and team-based goal. This will better our chances of raising funds successfully and able to implement our solve solutions effectively. 


So, where do you get involved? “Me?” - Yes, you, reading this! 


Thames’ two teams are called, “Aquator” and “H2WOW” (it really is The Apprentice). We aim to raise a record-breaking amount of money, implement a resilient, life-enhancing solution and we can’t do that without you.  
You’ll be hearing a lot more from us on Community and Thames’ social media channels. We’d love you to be a part of this fantastic opportunity so please comment below if you’ve got any exciting ideas, top tips for fundraising or just want to get involved with the journey.  


Keep up to date with the all our Winnovators activities! Join our Winnovators group here on the community! 




Team AquatorTeam Aquator

Team H2WOWTeam H2WOW

Water Royalty

Re: Winnovators: more than just a fundraiser

Hope you raise lots and lots of money for a great charity! Well done and good luck Lauren and team!